Our name comes from the Tantric Twin crystals that grow from the same base but have two distinct terminations. Tantric Twins represent our relationship with ourselves and with the divine. They teach us that we must first be stable in our own energetic space in order to bond energetically with another. In the double termination, Twins also remind us that though we may have a strong bond with another, we must nourish our own energetic expression and well-being, as must the other. 

Ren Wilson, Owner

Ren has had a passion for health and fitness throughout his life. His fitness background includes weight and resistance training, yoga, cardiovascular training, boxing and kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He discovered yoga and meditation in 2010 after suffering from a leg injury while training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Yoga practice became a regular part of his daily life and naturally transformed into a way of living. Through his daily practice, he recovered from his injury and became fully immersed into studying yoga. He is a student of Peter Marchand of Leela Yoga, who is a Tantric Healer who learned under Harish Johari, author of Chakras and Tools for Tantra, and Kedar Upreti of Tantra Nepal. Ren has completed over 100 additional hours of continuing education and workshops under Peter Marchand, including the Bhumikas, Manrtra Meditation, Pranayama, Chakras, and many other various in-depth workshops that dive into the aspects of Tantra. Through these teachings and years of personal practice, Ren went on to complete his yoga teacher certification from Talapoosa Center of Inner Arts where he studied under Karen Sifton, a nationally renowned yoga teacher specializing in Hatha yoga, tai chi, and meditation. Ren specializes in various styles of Hatha yoga and Tantra yoga, including Vinyasa, mantra meditation, rituals, and pranayama. His style is centered around bringing spiritual balance and inner transformation to his students who seek to go beyond their limited programming. 


Meredith Hill M.S. CCC-SLP, RYT-200

Speech-Language Pathologist & Yoga Teacher


Meredith received her Bachelor's in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Vermont in 2013. She continued her education by receiving her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Nova Southeastern University in 2018 where she graduated with highest honors. Meredith holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence through the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is a licensed speech-language pathologist in the state of Georgia. Her experience includes providing speech and language services from pediatrics to adults in the areas of articulation, phonology, apraxia, expressive and receptive language delays and disorders, fluency, voice, feeding disorders, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), and social skills. Meredith specializes in pediatric speech and language disorders with a focus on early language development. After receiving her Master’s degree, she went on to work with young children ages 0-3 in early intervention and with school-age children in the public schools. She is also Feed The Peds certified where she completed an intensive 12-week pediatric feeding therapy program through Hallie Bulkin M.S. CCC-SLP, COM to address the feeding and sensory needs of her clients.


Through her regular yoga practice, she began to see the overlap between yoga and speech therapy and saw a unique way to maximize speech and language skills. Meredith is a certified Talk Yoga™ provider where she learned how to use specifically designed yoga poses to address speech and language needs. This holistic and integrative approach not only addresses speech and language, but also motor planning, breath control, postural support, mindfulness, and sensory integration.  Yoga, mindfulness, and breathing techniques became an integral part of her skillset to help individuals with communication needs. To learn more about speech therapy services and Talk Yoga™ language enrichment classes, visit our Talk Yoga tab.

Meredith is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher for both children and adults. She completed her 200- hour yoga teacher training through My Vinyasa Practice and expanded her knowledge and experience under the guidance of Ren Wilson, RYT-500 (see below).  Yoga came into her life when she needed it most after years of struggling to find balance and a calm mind through the constant stressors of life. After dedicating her time to the mat, she began to see the benefits of a regular meditation and yoga practice in her own life. She enjoys sharing the power of sound, mantra meditation, pranayama (breathing) techniques, and asana (posture) to help her yoga students advance their practice. Meredith learned the power of presence and mindfulness and now wants to share the tools she learned to help others lead more peaceful and centered lives.